Monday, October 18, 2010

Homeade Laundry soap recipe

Here is the recipe I was taught by a friend (thanks Lisa<3) and it works great is easy to make and save us alot of $$$!!!!!!!!!!!

Things you need to get:

•5 gallon bucket with a lid

•cheap cheese grater

•box of Borax

•package of ivory white bar soap

•box of washing soda(good luck finding it in Lebanon, had to go to brownsburg)

•small bottle of liquid detergent of your choice(this is optional, just for scent)


1 qt water

2 C borax

2C washing soda

2 C or bars of ivory bars (grated)

Boil the qt of water and dissolve the ivory soap , stir until totally dissolved.

Poor into bucket, add the borax and washing soda, stir well, add the optional bottle of detergent, stir, add 2 gallons of hot water, stir, done, easy enough! Stir each time u use it, it may gel.

Enjoy !

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It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!
Playing in the leaves a few years back

Fall FUn 09

Fall FUn 09
Brotherley Love!

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