Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome Home Jeffry Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!

The blessed event of Jeffry finally coming home from Haiti to his mommy and family was Wednesday January 27th, we all came to the airport to welcome them home from Miami, it was so exciting and tears of joy flowed from everyone I think!! My kids were so anxious to meet Jeffry and see Deanna (Neena) The channel 13 news and the Lebanon Reporter was there for coverage on the homecoming, it was awesome, I am so glad we were there to share it with out friends! Lydia is still in Haiti and is not getting her visa yet, she turns one on sunday, we were hoping she would be home for her first birthday:(. Hopefully soon she will be able to come home to her momma and big brother!
Marcus thought meeting Jeffry was so exciting, he has been told about him forever and now he really got to see him face to face, oh what great buddies they will be!
God is Good and this was front row , first hand experience of that!! I cannot wait to watch this little boy grow up and watch him and my boys play and share their childhood together!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti kids are coming home!!!

Finally after 3 long years my friend Deanna is getting her sweet boy home! She is adopting from Haiti and is actually adopting a baby girl named Lydia too, because of the devastating earthquake and the condition of Haiti now, the governent has granted a Humaritanian Parole for these adoptees to come home to their awaiting families. There are so many in Indiana, I cannot believe how many Haitian children are coming here, what an amazing and wonderful thing!! We are so thrilled for all of our friends getting their children this week!! I wish Steve was out of school and we could afford to adopt one ourselves, but timing is not on our side right now:( Luckily for these orphaned children there are plenty of good christian families who would love to take them! Hopefully next time I update, Jeffry and Lydia will be here!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The wedding was last night and was just perfect (other than Marcus and Ben being sick and Steve had to stay home with them and miss the wedding:(. ), Mom is now a married "Bond Girl" , LOL!! It will be different going to their house instead of moms, but we will all get used to it! They leave for Florida tomorrow for their 2 wk honeymoon.
Dad and Betty also leave for a 2 wk cruise to the panama canal on wed. I sure hope both couples have good weather!
The earthquake in Haiti has really gotten me to the realization of how lucky we are to be here in America! Haiti was such a devastating area anyway, now this. I pray  for the people there and hopes for their safety and provisions as they try to get some sense of direction and start re-building their lives. Our friends the Pierres and the NVM school in Chambrun were unharmed and they are all able to go out and help with the rescue efforts. God was def. watching over them and kept them from harm. The orphanage where Deanna's Jeffry and Lydia are was damaged in the aftershocks and all the children are unable to stay there, the US govt is trying to get a humanitarian parole passed so that the us families that are adopting in Haiti can bring their children home here, that would be a wonderful blessing for soooo many!
Now I have 3 sick boys here in the house, YUK:(  Atleast there is no school tomorrow for MLK day so Jack can rest!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, New Kitty!!

Welcome little Miss Mea Sophia to our home!
After a while without a kitty,we were all missing having one around the house. Noonie the boss dog had other thoughts, but we were hoping she would learn to adjust and tolerate a feline friend. We decided on a rescue shelter cat, so on we went a couple of days before Christmas to find our newest family member to be adopted into our clan. (as I write this she is laying on my desk next to me as I type)Jack spotted her right away and starting begging for this little gray and white girl, Steve and I had our eyes on this little white and brown tabby male (although he was a kitten), the boy seems to always get his way, well we ended up with Jacks pick. She was named Mea, and we call her Mea Sophia or Pizza Mea, whichever I am in the mood to say, LOL! It has taken her a couple weeks to get used to us but she is coming around more and getting more loving towards us, the boys all just love her and she tolerates even the little ones carrying her around! Noonie on the other hand took about a day wearing a muzzle to ensure no injured kitty right away! But the muzzle worked and in 24 hrs she was tolerating her being around, Mea has her claws so when noonie gets a little froggy, Mea just smacks her a couple of times!!I think in no time they will become the best of buddies!All in all I forgot how much of a pain it was having a litter box, but she is worth it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Starting the new year out with a "Bang", oh I mean "flat"!!

Well this year has started out pretty mild except for a few bumps in the road, or flat tires I should say.....yesterday while taking Jack to school a friend flagged me down and told me I had a flat tire, great its 13 degrees out and I am on my way to work, well I had to proceed and then call the tire place to fix it while I was at work, thankfully dad handled the whole situation (aren't dads great!!) . Today was an exciting day, Jack was in the final spelling be at school, he did great, out of 30 contestants he was in the final 7 when he went out, I was sooo proud!! He gets that from me:) . Ben graduated to a big boy bed today too, wow what a baby in a real more crib, crib sheets, ect....but amazingly it makes me happy, not sad!
Steve's cousin Philip, from Florida is here staying with us this week while his mom is very ill in the hospital in Carmel, she is hanging in there, but very very sick!! I pray she makes a full recovery for her family!
The week before Christmas we got a shelter cat, Jack picked her out, she is sweet, gray and white little cat, very shy but she is starting to warm up to us. Noonie surprisingly is used to her now and actually tolerates her (thats a big deal!). So now I have 2 other females in this house with me:), dog, cat, mom:).
We are gearing up for moms wedding next week, and her big move. She is getting a little stressed but it will all work out just fine! Steve starts back at school monday the 11th, then I will miss him being home at night with me and the boys:(. Well so far so good, carry on 2010!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!
Playing in the leaves a few years back

Fall FUn 09

Fall FUn 09
Brotherley Love!

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