Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve!!!!

We are at the end of 2009, its been a good year and our blessings many. I reflect on some major changes this year most good, some bad. My mammaw lost her battle with pulminary fibrosis in May, that was a sad event in the lives of my dads side of the family. My pappaw is yet to get over her and I am sure never will! He also bought the Mortuary around the same time as her death, her funeral was our first. Steve decided to go to school for mortuary science to be a mortician, that has been a big change for our house, hectic, but well worth it!! He has finished his first semester with good grades and I am quite proud of him! Marcus started preschool this fall, and loves it!! It took him some adjusting, but he is enjoying himself. Mom got engaged last month and is getting married, wow , in January! I am so happy that she has found much happiness, hey make a wonderful couple! We have changed churches, although we dearly miss our old church family, we are really enjoying our new church and are making alot of new friends and connections! Jack started Awana and loves that too! We had to put grandma Daphne in the nursing home, hate it, but necessary:(. Jack turned 11in Aug. and is in 5th grade and playing soccer year round. Marcus and Ben turned 3 and 2 in November, Ben follows his bro Marcus around trying to keep up, and he does a pretty good job I might add, they sure do keep me busy!! I am ready to kick off 2010 in full force, with many more changes and new ventures for our family, God with us!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to the Norm

It is the start of the second wk of Christmas break, the hullabulloo is over and the tree is down, decorations put away and the house back to the norm, except that it looks like toys r us in here!! We were so blessed this year, my boys have such a community if loving family and people around us all year through and Christmas being extra special for them!! By sunday we had been to 7 family dinners in 1 week!!! No wonder I am so exhausted!! The boys are troopers, through it all they have managed to not melt down!! At least this week is a take it easy week, not much on the calender and Steve still off for his break from classes, lots of relaxing, family time and movies at home! I love us all being home together for so long, this month I made a decision to homeschool my children next year and after this week of everyone home on break, I wish we were doing it now! I dread Jack going back to school next tues :(. I am so excited about the new venture of homeschooling, this summer will be so much more layed back without the dreaded deadline of school starting the first of Aug, I think after Labor day will work for us:) Call me crazy, but the good Lord has layed it heavy on my heart that this is what I am to do, and I am up for the challenge, God willing!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

For today a child is born!!! Merry Christmas!! And boy was it a good one this year! My boys all enjoyed themselves and the gifts they got (too many , i might add!), I love watching the wonder and excitement in their little faces on Christmas. I have been blessed this year with a wonderful family, healthy children and great fellowship all around! Although I am very tired as I write this I want to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to Jesus before the day is done....which will be soon, its amazing how quickly it is here and gone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

One proud Momma!

With Christmas only 1 week away our calender here has been chalked full of holiday activities, like Marcus's first Christmas program at preschool. He did great in it, he stood up there and sang and danced his little heart out! I was so proud of him, I just couldn't believe as I watched him up on stage the immense pride and love over-flowing out of me, I just can't describe the joy that child brings me!
Both little guys had their 2 & 3 year check-ups today with Dr. Tricia, they are growing like weeds! Marcus weighs in at 39.6 lbs and 40 inches tall (90th percentile!!) and Ben weighed 29.6 lbs and 33 inches high (11th percentile :)I think Ben is gonna be built like his daddy! Marcus is 10 pounds heavier than Ben now, I thought he was growing , but wow, he has really had a growth spurt! And Ben seems to be slimming down and losing his baby chubs:(
I went to Jacks school today for his class Christmas party, I always enjoy going to his school and participating in things and I think he likes it when I come and join him too! He is sooo glad that Christmas break is here, and so am I , I love it when all my boys are home with me <3!!
Tonight dad and Betty came over and watched the boys so we could go and finish up our shopping, we are now done, (yay) and we even got all the wrapping done tonight, what a job and I very much dislike wrapping and it shows in my craftsmanship, LOL!! Thank goodness the kids don't care about the pretty wrap, because it is pretty pathetic looking this year!
We have so many family get togethers this weekend and next week. I love this time of year, but it tends to completely wear me down, I am also very glad when its over and we can get life and the house back to the norm.
Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok, so we got the dreaded task of the family Christmas pics done for our Christmas cards, Von came over with her good camera and it was quick and painless (fortunately:)). I think they turned out pretty good, while trying to get 5 people and a dog to sit still! We decided to go with the Colts theme this year, usually we do Christmas pj's, but I decided to mixed it up a little since out Colts were doing so well, I wanted to support them in our cards! Noonie (dog) even got into the spirit and wore a jersey!! She is such a good dog, I love her!!
Tonight we are going over to see the Frankfort light display with a group of friends and LOTS of children, this should be a very eventful night!! When we go into the pizza hut tonight at frankfort, the employee's will prob. faint to see how many kids there will be eating there at one time, I love it!! This time of year is so exciting for the kids and as a parent I love to see the wonder in their little eyes, Thank you God for my precious children!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today we took the little ones to see Yo Gabba Gabba live in Chicago at the Rosemont Theatre, they loved it! We drove to chicago yesterday(friday) and stayed in a hotel so the boys were not car tired before the show. Wow what an experience this weekend has been! As we arrived at the Crowne Plaza hotel yesterday I immediately notice the fancy building and awesome lobby, I was seriously out of place in my IU sweats and car rider hair(from the long 3=hr ride) all the other patrons were dressed to the hilt and very sophisticated. This mom with her hubby and 2 toddler boys stood out, let me tell you! We got the room for a decent rate, but everything else was seriously expensive! The fine dining restaurant there was no place for our feisty boys, they would have rocked the world there, so we decided to order chinese carryout and eat in our gorgeous room (newly decorated and beautiful I might add). This hotel was by far the nicest place hubby and I have ever stayed in and our room was no exception.....I love it! My boys wasted no time at all making it theirs! They had it trashed in about 5 mins, LOL!! Poor Mr. Marcus has a cold and mucousy cough, so while eating his fried rice, he coughed, gagged and puked on the nice WHITE bed covers, of course!! And the poor thing cough all night, therefore hubby and I didn't get alot of shut eye. But....all in all the boys enjoyed themselves and even though we were a little harried, we had a good time too. The Rosemont theatre was a neat place, very fancy! Marcus and Ben really loved the show and sat there mesmerized through the whole thing (thank goodness!) After the show we loaded up and headed home, very hungry I might add. We took the wrong exit and gt completely lost in downtown chicago interstate traffic (even though hubby swears we were never lost....whatever!) after miles and miles and high dollar tolls, we finally saw signs that said Indiana this way:) YEAH!!!! Sigh! And I might add 1 hr later now EXTREMELY HUNGRY, we came across a McDonalds in the middle of the highway~very cool, you just veered off, went thru the drive thru and then merged back that awesome are what??:) So with full bellies ( I thought Ben was gonna eat his foot!) we were on our way home and finally finding 65 South, woohoo!! So about 4 hrs later and Ben hollering and screaming the last 2 of those hours we made it! Its always good to get home, I guess thats way they say "home sweet home" ahhhhhh!! Jack stayed at Carson's and MiMi's so he missed the whole road trip (per his decision) I think he would have enjoyed seeing the dancing goofy characters, but nevertheless, maybe next time (even though daddy says never again, LOL) We will see about that:)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas time is here!!

I cannot believe TG is over, now on to Christmas!! It will be here before we know it! I ventured out last night for midnight shopping, I have NEVER seen a crowd like the one at Toys R Us !! Their were people EVERYWHERE!!! We left and came back at 2 and was able to get in, but the line to check out was 3 hrs long!! Call me crazy but I couldn't stand in a line that long, I wanted my bed!! So I left! I got home around 4am and did get some stuff for the kids at Walmart (thats where we went while waiting to get in Toys R Us!). I think I have the little ones done, but I need to get more for Jack and everyone else on my list! I went with Betty, Kara and Kelci and even though it was crazy, we did have a blast together!! Today we put up the tree and all the indoor decor, the tree looks so beautiful, I love a bright tree full of family ornaments!! This holiday weekend has been very enjoyable and restful. Steve has been home the whole time and we are spending all of it in family time, the boys love it! Tomorrow Jack and Steve are going to an IU game, so that leaves me and the littles home to hang out, I think we might go to Walmart or something??? I love not having a plan!:)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;for His steadfast love endures Forever!! Ps 118:1

Tonight it is Thanksgiving Eve, I am counting my blessings and I am thankful to my God for all of them. By His grace, I have peace and love in my life, a husband that loves me, 3 Wonderful sons that I adore, a warm home, a dependable van, food in my fridge and pantry, a supportive and remarkable family, a job, tons of friends, a church to worship in, a caring sitter for my boys while I work, a bible to read whenever I want. a free country to live in......I could go on forever!!! I am lucky that I have been able to receive these gifts, from God, for I am not worthy, but by His grace, he says I am!!! Praise Him and be Thankful today and everyday!

Tomorrow we will be going to moms for a Thanksgiving noon meal, I am anxious to see my family....and disappointed that Dana is not coming home:(, but I am glad grandma can come from the nursing home to join us! Bless her heart, she is so frail!
That evening we will go to dads to have thanksgiving dinner and relax! It will be quite a busy day! I hope the little ones get a nap in between dinners, for they will be very grumpy if not!! I am still debating going black friday shopping, maybe I will , maybe not, that is the question!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gearing up for Thanksgiving weekend!

What a day! I worked today and I am worn out, thankfully we were busy at the shop, beings I only have to work 2 days a week, I like to make it worth while when I am there. I am thankful I have a job to contribute some grocery money for the many out there are out of work these days, so I am thankful for my job (even though I may complain and dream of being a full-time mom:))
On another note~
My mother in law and my sitter just got diagnosed with the H1N1, that really stinks, I am praying that it stays away from my house!! I chose not to get the H1N1 vaccine for my kids, I am uncertain about it and it makes me uneasy, so Steve and I decided against it. I sure hope it was the right decision!
I need to get to the store and get my stuff for TG, I am bringing GB casserole and rolls to moms for the thurs noon meal and Betty is preparing everything for dads for thurs dinner. It is going to be a busy day!! I love Thanksgiving dinners and getting to spend time with all the family!!
I am trying to decide if I am going to venture out on black friday for some early morning shopping.....I want to, but don't :} What to do!!!
Steve has the rest of the week off with no classes, thats nice for me! I forget sometimes how much he helps me when he is around with some free time. His work is slow, I do wish that would pick up a little more, but the Lord seems to provide when things get slim. He lifts us up and carries us when we cannot ourselves! Oh the many blessings I have to be thankful for!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I love sundays!!

Well another Sunday almost gone by! It gets dark so early anymore! After church I made a big pot of chili, put the littles down and plopped on the couch to watch my Colts celebrate another win!! Undefeated, 9 wins!!!! I don't know what it is about NFL football, but I love it!
Having 3 boys, I guess I have to enjoy some sports!
Last Sunday at this time we were celebrating Marcus and Ben's birthdays! They are now 3 and 2, I cannot believe how time flies by and babies become toddlers so fast, boohoo:( But with that life is changing, Ben is suddenly interested in going in the potty (he has to do everything brother does) I had no plans to start potty training him until May, but hey, I guess he is ready! Oh, how I would love to take expensive diapers of the grocery list!!
This week is Thanksgiving, I truly enjoy being with my family and chowing the great food!! We have a busy calender it seems from now until Christmas, such is life! Well its family time, so I should get off the computer .....count your blessings, and be thankful!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!
Playing in the leaves a few years back

Fall FUn 09

Fall FUn 09
Brotherley Love!

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