Thursday, August 18, 2011


The chickens arrived today and I must add at 6AM!!! Luckily hubby got up and went to pick them up leaving me comfortably in bed:) 
These chicks are just adorable! All black and one little exotic butterscotch colored one. We have 27 all together. I hope we are as excited 2 months from now as we all are now (doubtful, we know how quickly the newness wears off around here!) ! Pics to come.....................

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Change in Scenery and Just About Everything Else!

I have been so busy and completely neglected my blog this year!
 Since I posted last we have moved to the country (and love it), remoldeling our old farmhouse, the boys are almost another year older and I am now officially a "country fresh momma" at least that's my new altar ego I call myself, LOL. We have almost 5 acres to care for and no neighbors in sight, which we are thoroughly enjoying, esp the boys who have learned that peeing outside is just the best thing ever! I myself have learned to toughen up, since moving out here to the outer limits, I have encountered(and lived to tell about it) Spiders of all shapes, sizes and colors, a mouse that died in the walls (seriously, take rotten diaper smell to a new level and nothing helps mask it), Snakes galore(in which one I joyfully mowed to death), Ticks all over my children- hubby and I , mowing taking 3 hours(which i truly enjoy) Gardening for the 1st time, living on a gravel road and the dust which leaves my vanship dirty ALL the time:) , barn cats infested with fleas (and I mean infested), wild raspberry bushes (wonderfully delicious), a beautiful array of colorful birds, a big Pear tree I can't wait to try, a rabbit as a pet, smelly well water, a large branch of a tree falling on me during a storm (talk about life flashing in front of me!), NO pizza delivery, the smell of the hog farm behind us and most of all a peace that has come over me since the first time I layed my eyes on this homestead that I have fallen in love with and can't imagine raising my boys anywhere else on this earth-God IS good!!
 It is so gratifying watching the crops grow all around us, I have dreamed of being a country girl all my life!

Next week starts new adventures, as we are getting chickens to raise for the first time ever, I know, what are hubby and I thinking:) We are actually very excited, we have wanted chickens since the first thought of county livin' , and I mean country livin at its best:)  We ordered 25 Black Stars, they are supposed to be egg laying maniacs, bring on the fresh farm eggs baby! I am curious to see what I have to say this time next year about having chickens- I hope I can handle them!
I see mini farming in our future;)

We are starting our school year here at "The Fortner Christian Academy" the 22nd, Not only are we doing 7th grade but I am starting preschool for the 2 little guys. I am looking forward to adding that to the agenda, preschool is FUN! 

More to come..................................

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!
Playing in the leaves a few years back

Fall FUn 09

Fall FUn 09
Brotherley Love!

Books I have recently read or reading

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  • Terri Blackstock's christian fiction
  • Any of the "Patchwork Mystery" series
  • Island of the Blue Dolphin
  • The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
  • Lisa Whelchel's "So You're Thinking about Homeschooling"
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