Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No time, No time!!

Well, we moved, and wow what a job!! We are all settled in to the new pad, its alot smaller but its very comfortable and very affordable!! And it was worth it, the debts are getting smaller and smaller, and tomorrow is my last day at work, I was going to work longer to get more stable in the new house, but circumstances are making it sooner than later, but I am glad to be able to be home with the boys for spring break and this summer for sure! Things work out for a reason and I am thankful for that and the support of my family!!
Well gotta go, things to do and people to see! God Bless:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!

We are sooo busy packing up and moving this family of 5 that I will get behind in my blogging!! As soon as I am settled and have a free moment(if ever, LOL) I will update!! Wish us luck....and many prayers!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Remembering Grandma

The last couple of days I have really been thinking about my grandma, I miss her. On sundays I remember as a kid that after church I would go with her and her friends to lunch, they called themselves "the widowers" club, they would get together for lunch after church on sunday afternoons and go to different little towns to their resturants and diners, we went to so many over the years , I cannot even begin to remember them all! A couple of her lady friends that I distinctly remember was a little lady named Vivian, she had cool watches that she would let me play with and usually sat in the back with me, she reminded me of a sweet Betty White, then there was Jean, a tall gray haired lady that was the "Bea Authur, type "Maude" of the group, they seem to stand out in my mind the most , the others came and went and they are all dead now. I think grandma lived the longest of them all! It must have been hard outliving all your friends and sisiters and brothers and 2 husbands, I know she was very homesick for them, she told me that the last year of her life, for she was ready to be reunited. Even though I miss her, I remember the good times for there was soooo many of them, that I will be comforted by them forever, whenever I think of her, I have good memories and love. Thanks Grandma for sharing the last 35 years of your life with me!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Preparing for the big move. I think!

Well March is here, and hopefully spring is right behind it! We are preparing for a move if all goes as planned. I am trying to get myself ready for it, downsizing with 3 kids is no easy task! But I feel it is necessary at this time in our lives and I believe that it will make a significant change within our family life as we venture into new territory of homeschooling and being able to stay at home with my boys ( as I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom)! So with that said we had to make considerable changes like moving out of our comfy home to a less expensive smaller one, which hopefully is a freeing experience and transition. I pray for strength as I begin this journey of packing up the last 8 years in this house and learning how to let go of items I no longer use or need. Letting go of material things can be very hard to do, but remembering that they are just "things" is what I am gonna have to remind myself of throughout this move and getting rid of stuff will make my life easier and more organized, as I wish it to be!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!

It is is fall, the leaves are falling everywhere!!
Playing in the leaves a few years back

Fall FUn 09

Fall FUn 09
Brotherley Love!

Books I have recently read or reading

  • When You Come Home, by Nancy Cavin Pitts
  • Terri Blackstock's christian fiction
  • Any of the "Patchwork Mystery" series
  • Island of the Blue Dolphin
  • The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling
  • Lisa Whelchel's "So You're Thinking about Homeschooling"
  • The Homeschooling Handbook